EPICS – Back 2 Future (Back 2 The Future Tribute song)

Back 2 Future from my Demotape. Dedicated to the coolest 3 movies ever made. Ok part 3 was just ok but you know what I mean. It is for the bigger part a kind of tribute song.

However, it is also A: a party track that wants you to nod your head and just feel good and B: some kind of front / rep my position / diss track. but that is only in the German (double time rap) parts. I wanted to keep it party and tribute in English while proving my ground as a Mc in German.

There is a lot of truly lame stuff going on in the German rap game today. Sucker mc’s that can’t spit 2 straight lines to save their lives are on top here. Rap wise it’s like that — imagine lil B being the number one selling rapper in the states LOL.

It’s almost that serious, I’m dead serious. If you only knew….i bet , you’d would want to slaughter them 2. idiots rape 2 Pac’s legacy here all day..and they get away with it…and they can’t rap 4 shit…and they… ahh whatever…guess the 50% of a Mc in me just could not resist to spit something about this dilemma.

maybe it is a little bit unfortunate that I ended up doing it in this song but then again I look at it from a artist point of view. combining 3 songs into one is kind of cool to me.

if you like this track: you can download it for free on my website: http://www.ayoepics.de (it is on the Galaxy Bounce Demotape) and if you like that, make sure to visit me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Epics/313350588683769?ref=hl

thanks a bunch! now let’s go Back 2 the Future!

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