Jay Z and Kanye West – Niggas in Paris (Verseatile Cover Remix)

My little rendition of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s song off the “Watch the Throne” album! Enjoy!

SIDENOTE: I’m CLEARLY aware of the title of the song, but I’m only putting up the true titles of the actual songs that I cover so please do not be offended by me posting it up. Deuces.


Chitown’s my town, put it down, snapping on a track, double timing rap, yeah we kill it raw/ ain’t nobody really better than us, ready to bust, rooted to the boots and we never soft/ killa syllables, rid of the miniscule, on my A-team spit, cuz I pity the pitiful/ I’m on my crazy spit, taking hit of the ridicules, on my Saleen spit, speeding in vehicles/ yes, I’m like a dynamite that’s ready to blow, never been like Kanye, but I’m ready to glow/ in the dark at a park, throw me like a Frisbee, coming back around in a circle, dizzy/ call me Verse, let me put the words together, I’m representing for the city with harshest weather/ hot like summer, cold as winter, never been a winner but I’ve eaten chicken dinner/ simmer down, everybody screaming what up, they talking too much when they need to shut up/ I came to show, leaving funny comments but I ain’t no joke, always adding friends but I say no poke, you can call me captain but I save no hoes, I can’t go broke/ I’m tryna win the race but my train won’t go, I switch it up too much I need my same old flow/ I’m gunning for the ones who wanna run it for the wrong fun, in it for the funds giving into making thong songs/ grubbing on some wontons, chilling out in hong kong, try to follow me on via twitter, I’ll be long gone/ hi everyone, top of the morning, you try to cover this song, this is a warning/ 99 percent of you rappers are so corny, you try to kick a flow but you spittin Chuck Norris/


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